About Pixmama

Q. Why should I sell my stock Contents on Pixmama?

A. There are loads of reasons why Pixmama is a great place to sell your stock Contents, here are just a few of them:

  • You get 65% off the sale
  • We’re fair, transparent and easy to work with
  • You can send us anything
  • have a great support service for our contributors
  • We care – we’re ethical and philanthropic

Q. Who buys stock Contents?

A. We sell Contents (including but not limited to) to thousands of designers, marketers, publishers, multinational companies, ad firms and news desks around the world. Content (including but not limited to Images, Videos, Music, Vector Illustrations, Templates) sales vary, customers buy directly online or with support from our customer service teams. Your Content could be sold to someone wanting an Image on the wall in their office, to an educational publisher wanting an illustration for a text book, or a corporate company wanting a promotional video working on a huge global ad campaign.

Q. What type of Contents do you sell?

A. We sell (including but not limited to) stock photos, videos, music, vectors, illustrations. We have an extensive collection full of every type of Content, from everyday stock. Its encyclopedic nature means it’s a fantastic source of Contents. We want you to send us all of your Contents, mainstream or specialist, editorial or creative.

Q. What marketing does Pixmama do to promote my Contents?

A. We market Pixmama Contents in lots of different ways. We do targeted e-marketing campaigns to our customers and new business prospects, showcasing our collection. We also promote our agencies and photographers by featuring them on our website.

  • Our website showcases amazing new Contents from a range of agencies and photographers, videographers, musicians, designers, artist.
  • Featured Contributor promotes some of our biggest contributors and their work.
  • Every quarter, we interview one of our photographers and share their story.
We promote your Contents wherever we can as well, including:
  • Our homepage – we feature a loads of new Contents every day.
  • Our categories page – showcasing hand-picked Contents of particular themes.
  • Our social media – including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Other printed materials including postcards, banners, trade stands for events etc.
Our Online Marketing team also work really hard to get your Contents and our name out there, including SEO work to appear in Google Contents and other search engines.
We also believe customer service and good relationships are really important and invest large amounts of effort and time providing an excellent service to Content buyers.

Q. I’m a beginner, how can I sell my photos?

A. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, as a photographer you can make money from your work. Work with us, advertise your Contents with Pixmama and get commission for every Content sold.

If you already understand the stock business and want to know how to get your Contents on Pixmama, go to our Become a seller section for sign up and get started.

Q. I shoot micro stock, can I sell my Contents on Pixmama?

A. Yes! We are a non-exclusive agency, so you can sell your stock Contents on our website and on any other non-exclusive sites. We accept any style of Contents and have a huge range of Content buyers sourcing their Contents from us.

Q. I’m a student, is Pixmama interested in my Contents?

A. Obviously, we are interested. You can sell your Contents directly through our own website. If being a student you can produce professional contents then why not!!!

Q. Can I search without being registered?

A. Yes. You can search without registering on our site.

Q. Do I need to register to purchase?

A. Yes, you need to register. If you are not registered yet, you can sign up and register by our Login option to complete your mailing and billing profile as part of the content purchasing process.

Q. How safe is it to use my credit card on your site?

A. We use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit. You can read about security in our Privacy Policy. Pixmama is a secure e-commerce site.

Q. How do I determine content prices?

A. You can not determine the pricing. All pricing of your contents is determined by Pixmama. For more details you may visit the Pricing section in our website.

Q. How large can I print your digital images?

A. As a general rule of thumb, our images can safely be enlarged to 125% of their original image size without affecting the quality - our images are regularly used on commercial platforms. Since it's critical that you know what resolution you need for the output device. And, of course, you can always Contact Us for more details.

Q. What do you mean by Exclusive contents?

A. We use the term Exclusive to those contents which are very much demanding, special and adds a value including but not limited to social, global context in a broader sense. This option is made to highlight the special contents to the buyers. This does not indicate that those contents are not available anywhere. Only Pixmama admin panel can make any content as Exclusive during pending for approval.

Q. What do you mean by Exclusive contents?

A. We use the term Exclusive to those contents which are very much demanding, special and adds a value including but not limited to social, global context in a broader sense. This option is made to highlight the special contents to the buyers. This does not indicate that those contents are not available anywhere. Only Pixmama admin panel can make any content as Exclusive during pending for approval.

Content Rights

Q. How can I get rights to the images I purchase?

A. All contents on our site are available for Non-Exclusive Price.

Q. What are Non-Exclusive Rights?

A. Our Contents can be sold multiple times to different clients. Non-Exclusive Rights means that other people can buy the contents you have chosen.

Note: Nevertheless, you can't redistribute or resell any content after taking NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS.

The contributor contract / signing up

Q. Who owns the copyright to my stock Contents on Pixmama?

A. You do! We don’t own any of the Contents on our site or hold any copyright, it always belongs to you as the content owner. We just license the Contents for you.

Q. If I sell my Contents through Pixmama what commission split do I get?

A. You’ll get 65% on all sales.

Q. If I sign up to Pixmama how long does the contract tie me in for?

A. We don’t tie you into a long-term contract. If you want to deactivate anytime, you just need to press the Account Deactivate button and we will deactivate your account. If you want to reactivate the account, the process is the same as previous.

Q. If I sell my Contents on Pixmama, can I sell them in other places too? Is Pixmama exclusive?

A. We’re non-exclusive so that means there are no restrictions and you can submit to other stock sites. If you do choose to submit to another agency, just make sure they’re non-exclusive too.

Uploading my Contents

Q. What file type and resolution do I need to upload?

A. For images: JPEGs, saved as high quality RGB JPEGs (level 8 or above) at baseline standard. For Videos: MOV format, saved as high quality SD, 1080p HD & 4K videos. For Audios: MP3, saved as high quality 320 kbps audios.

Q. What file size do I need to upload for images?

A. We need a file size of over 17MB (this is likely to have a compressed JPEG size of 3-5MB). Opening a JPEG in Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed (open) file size.

Q. How many Contents can I upload at a time?

A. There are no limits. We want you to submit lots of Contents, as often as you can.

Q. How do I upload my Contents to Pixmama?

A. You can upload your Contents to Pixmama by our upload option (our web-based online upload tool) after signing up/in as a contributor.

Q. Once I’ve submitted my Contents, how long will it take before they’re online?

A. 24 hours on average. We’ll send you notifications to your profile to let you know when you’ve passed QC (Quality Control). You will get your contents on Published option and your Contents will then be ready for sale.

Q. Can I delete my uploaded contents?

A. You can’t delete any submissions while they’re in the queue for QC, but don’t worry, when they’ve passed, you may delete any content from Pixmama after one hundred and eighty (180) days notice, you will have to give us an email mentioning “Deletion of content and it’s content id” provided with the reason of deletion. After that our admin will review your request and delete the requested content(s). If a Content is deleted, whether by you or by Pixmama then any licenses then existing will still remain and Pixmama will still be able to grant licenses for:

  1. Contents that have already been downloaded by a Customer for the purpose of use prior to deletion.
  2. Contents relating to a specific use in respect of which Pixmama had entered into negotiations with any Customer or Distributor prior to the date of deletion.

Pixmama Quality Control (QC)

Q. What are the most common QC failure reasons?

A. We see all kinds of technical problems with Contents and you can have a read of our useful PDF guide on Pixmama QC failure reasons. Make sure you check your Contents against this to see definitions and examples of all our QC Failure Reasons.

Q. How long does it take to find out if I have passed QC?

A. 24 hours on average, but this can be longer over weekends, public holidays, during particularly busy periods.

Q. How will I know if I have passed or failed QC?

A. You will find your submission in the Published or Rejected option in your Contributor (Become A Seller) account as soon as your Contents have been checked.

Q. Why do you reject my submission if you find a problem with my Contents?

A. We take the view that every Content you submit should meet our QC standards so when we look at any Content we expect it to represent the quality as expected. Our top tip is to check all Contents at 100% (actual pixels) before you submit.

Q. Why have my Contents been rejected for no metadata?

A. We need all Contents to have valid EXIF camera data. We need this info so we can check your camera equipment details, copyright details including but not limited to camera settings, author. This is also needed to check the authenticity of the content.

Q. Why do you reject Contents taken on a mobile/cell phone?

A. Photos, Videos taken on a mobile/cell phone don’t produce enough high quality to pass QC. Though at present there are some quality cell/mobile phones which produces good images and videos with higher resolutions. But still their camera sensor is small which is a issue for achieving optimal quality for our customers. So, if any images or videos are taken on a mobile/cell phone meets our expected quality then those will be passed.

Captions, categories and tags

Q. Why caption, categories and tags are important?

A. These options are here to make your contents more discoverable to our valuable customers. Proper captioning, categorizing and tagging will help any user easier finding their desired choice of contents to buy.

Q. Can I caption my Contents in another language (apart from English)?

A. No, you should only caption them in English. We’ll translate them into other languages using a machine translation system. If you add your own translations it could confuse the system and lead to your Contents being demoted in the search results.

Q. Does Pixmama caption, tag and categorize my Contents for me?

A. No, that’s not a service we offer and you know your Contents better than us. You have to do this yourself.


Q. How do I know if I’ve made a sale?

A. You can check if you’ve made a sale in Pixmama under Contributor Dashboard. We report sales as they happen.

Q. Who bought my Content and what did they use it for?

A. We can’t give you full details of who used your Content and what they used it for because of confidentiality agreements we have with our customers.

Q. I’ve seen my photo being used but it hasn’t been reported as a sale?

A. The time it takes for our customers to report Content uses varies depending on what industry they’re in. This can mean they don’t tell us they’ve used a Content until the end of a month, quarter or publishing cycle. If you’ve seen a Content being used, and it hasn’t appeared in your sales history within 3 months, then please let us know through support@pixmama.com and we’ll follow it up.

Q. My Content has been stolen, what are Pixmama going to do about it?

A. Sometimes our customers report Content uses up to 90 days after the Content has been used. If it has been over 90 days or you have other evidence to suggest the Content has been stolen, you can contact us through support@pixmama.com and we will take necessary actions.


Q. When and how will I be paid?

A. We will pay you on weekly basis. We make payments on Monday of every week (if it is a holyday, then on the next working day payments will be made). You can choose how you get paid, and in which currency in My Pixmama under Account Settings.

Q. How can I update my payment details?

A. In Pixmama under your payment Info in Profile Account Settings.

Q. Should I pay tax on my earnings?

A. It depends on your personal tax situation, it’s best to check with your local tax office if you’re not sure.

Leaving Pixmama

Q. How do I deactivate my account?

A. You can deactivate your Pixmama account at any time by the Deactivate option on your contributor (Become a seller) account. The request for deactivation will come to our Pixmama Admin Panel. Our Admin will then process your request and deactivate it. You can also reactivate it by just signing in to your account.